The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada developed the first Learning Centre for Children with Dyslexia in London, Ontario, addressing the remedial tutoring of children with dyslexia to help them learn to read. Since the opening of the first Learning Centre back in 2003, there are now over 8 Learning Centres open across the country servicing children in every major market.

Working in concert with schools, teachers and parents, the B.C. Learning Centres for Children with Dyslexia improve the lives of at-risk children identified with dyslexia by providing free-of-charge tutoring by educators trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach, a proven method that accommodates their specific learning disability. Up to Grade 3, children must learn to read; after that, they must read to learn. Focusing on our most vulnerable children, the Learning Centre addresses their specific learning needs to help them reach their full potential at no cost to their families.

Our primary focus areas that generate the most significant individual and community impact:
  • Address the needs of children living with learning disabilities and who are vulnerable due to low economic well-being;
  • Provide specialized education programming free of charge to help children with dyslexia reach their full potential;
  • Create a lasting change for children to become productive adults;
  • Extend a caring mentor to reverse self-esteem issues many children with disabilities feel, resulting in healthier sense of self;
  • Enhance the ability of families to nurture and provide support for their children with dyslexia; and
  • To provide free training and instruct degreed adults in the Orton-Gillingham approach of tutoring.